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Good books can help you start to visualize what your space and your life will be like when your organizing goals are met.    

Here are some of our favorites:

Morgenstern: Organizing From Inside OutOrganizing from the Inside Out... This is a great book by the renowned Julie Morgenstern. Top of our list. "People who don't organize just never learned how to organize." 

You can read a useful, insightful review of this book at thesimpledollar.com. Trent Hamm, the reviewer, says this "..is one of those books that's so sensible that while you're reading it, it seems almost like common sense, but when you sit down and actually apply it, it's as smooth as a hot knife through butter."

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life Judith Kolberg,
ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life... I find this book a terrific manual. It has helped make my work with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)-affected clients the most rewarding. 

Here it is summed up by an Amazon.com reviewer, Bolo Gorkman: "I bought this book hoping it would help me sort my stacks of papers that constantly threaten to topple off my desk, kitchen table, etc. And it has, but it is so much more. It gives hints on how to organize all aspects of your life to make living with ADD easier. I've highlighted and dog-eared it up, and have started applying a lot of things from the book; something that I can't say for other books I've read. And unlike a lot of so-called ADD-friendly books, this one is easy to stay in tune with almost all the time."

Getting Things Done - David AllenDavid Allen, Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity... Since it was first published this book has become one of the most influential business books of its era, and the ultimate book on personal organization. “GTD” is now shorthand for an entire way of approaching professional and personal tasks, and has spawned a culture of websites, organizational tools, seminars, and offshoots. 

"Warning: Reading Getting Things Done can be hazardous to your old habits of procrastination. David Allen's approach is refreshingly simple and intuitive. He provides the systems, tools, and tips to achieve profound results." - Carola Endicott, director, Quality Resources, New England Medical Center

Organizing for the Creative Person
Organizing for the Creative Person was the first book on organization and time management to draw on the startling discoveries made about right-brain and left-brain dominance. Creative people - whether they are artists, homemakers, or executives - often have particular problems with organization. As scientific studies have shown, creativity resides in the right hemisphere of the brain. However, the right hemisphere lacks any concept of time, structure, or detail, and has no analytic ability; these traits reside in the left brain. 

If you're the kind of person for whom conventional checklists and filing systems don't feel natural, you're probably right-brain dominant. Organizing for the Creative Person offers dozens of practical, down-to-earth techniques to help you find the organizing style that works for you. And since opposites attract, the book has a special section on how to deal with left-brained spouses or coworkers (and how they can deal with you). Note: This book is available in two different editions that have the same content but different covers.

Time Management from the Inside OutJulie Morgenstern, Time Management from the Inside Out... Julie applies her acclaimed space-management system to managing time! From Publisher's Weekly: "What makes her program work, she attests, is that instead of trying to change people's natural behaviors and preferences, she encourages them to expand upon whatever is working already, no matter how overwhelmed they may feel. It all starts with knowing what one's big picture values and goals are (e.g., maintaining a happy marriage, excelling at one's career) and prioritizing those with the help of an ingenious device she's created called a "Time Map." 
This is such a time-honored manual that Businessnews Publishing created Summary: Time Management from the Inside Out: Review and Analysis of Morgenstern's Book with the comment "...the author explains that the objective of time management from the inside out is to design a scheduling system that fits your needs like a glove. The real measure of success in time management isn’t how much you achieve – it’s how you feel about how you’re spending your time. "

Unclutter Your Life in One WeekErin Rooney Dolan, Unclutter Your Life in One Week... 

"The infinitely resourceful Doland walks the reader through the uncluttering process with patience, understanding, and more organizing tips than you ever imagined. We all need a friend like Doland to give us a good jump start." -- Kristin van Ogtrop, Managing Editor, "Real Simple".

Lighten Up! Free Yourself from ClutterMichelle Passoff, Lighten Up!  Free Yourself from Clutter...
takes you step-by-step through the process of lightening up. First Michelle helps you identify what you want to make room for in your life, then she outlines how to overcome the physical obstacles that get in the way of achieving your goals.  If those piles of stuff are draining you of energy, if they′re not supporting and nurturing you, then get out from under them! Lighten Up! Free Yourself from Clutter is a practical yet inspirational guide that encourages you to approach clutter cleaning as a fun, creative, soul-enriching endeavour.

Let Go of ClutterLet Go of Clutter... Organizing expert Harriet Schechter presents a fresh approach to overcoming the natural urge to accumulate objects and information. Dispensing equal doses of help, hope, and humor, she provides effective and realistic options for anyone who juggles too much stuff, too many decisions, and too little time. Featuring the innovative insights and time-tested techniques that have helped thousands of Schechter’s clients and seminar attendees worldwide, Let Go of Clutter shows how to shed sentimental stuff without fear of regret - Provides easy-to-use forms and checklists that help readers decide what to jettison and what to keep - Includes action plans with systems for conquering all types of clutter―past, present and future.

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