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 "Ruth has been terrific. She is always on time (more than I am), highly competent and industrious. Suddenly my home office is orderly, usable and spacious! She did a complete job in organizing my home office and filing system at a reasonable price. She was able to get things done quickly and [stored] out of the way. I will definitely refer her!"


"As a professional organizer, Ruth has helped me and my family make headway in getting our house back in order. This is an ongoing process and with each organizing session we are able to work through more accumulated possessions and more stacks of paper. As a mother of an 18-month-old with special needs and a husband whose first priority is not organizing our home, it has been very useful to have Ruth's advice. It has helped to keep me from feeling overwhelmed. I deal with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms; fortunately Ruth is able to reign me in when necessary, to help set priorities and keep focused on the task at hand. Together we have created good solutions for my filing needs, our guest bedroom, kitchen, and family room. Ruth is always cheerful, energetic and insightful in meeting our organizational needs. I always feel a sense of relief and accomplishment after she leaves. Thank you!"


"I am so glad I found you! I just couldn't get motivated to tackle my chaotic garage on my own, but it was driving me crazy. Finally, I can park my car in it again! And thanks for bringing all these nifty organizing supplies for my office, guest room closet, crafts room, and bathroom. Now I can see and easily access all my handbags, sewing supplies and everything else. Thank you!"


"Ruth, thank for today; you were great and very easy to be with and quite an expert! I have to tell you, I just went to email you because I walked into the front room with the office and felt such peace and simplicity and wanted to thank you again. I can hardly recognize my desk and the rest of the work space. Of course, the garage still amazes me whenever I drive in!! Great idea about taking pictures with your camera! I really appreciate you thinking about that, it will make it a lot easier for me to get started selling the items I no longer need. In gratitude, Nancy."


"This weekend Ruth came to my house and helped me to get organized. I just went through the death of my mom, and many of the items that had been hers were cluttering my room. It's been tough to get the right help from friends who often take charge and throw things out, or want to sit and toak instead.

Ruth was great at working with me and giving direction, while listening to my needs. She helped me to clear the mess, to rearrange my room, and to move furniture. She did a great job and now my room is peaceful and I can focus on the fine details of organizing and redecorating. I told her she feels like Mary Poppins to me, with her work bag (but without the umbrella :-). I'm really happy and I highly recommend her, especially as she, and her husband Richard on the phone beforehand, are sensitive and warm people. Thank you Ruth!"


"Ruth, thank you for calling to remind me to cover those bins against the rain! And thank you so much for what you've accomplished in our house and the garage & shed. It looks better than it has in fifteen years!! It must have been a little overwhelming, at least it has been for me. Thanks for working independently in our absence. I don't usually extend that kind of trust easily, but you have to give yourself a lot of credit for having pushed the right buttons for me and my son. My son isn't always that cooperative when it comes to sorting his stuff, so it is great that you got him motivated to do it. You're the right fit with our family!"


"Working with Ruth has been a dynamic process of growth for me and my family. We have seen the interactive nature of our lives, our emotions, and our issues being both reflected in our home organization and brought toward healing by improving that organization. The best word to describe the effects of her work in our home has been a sense of serenity. With her help and advice, we have been able to tackle every cluttered area of our home: the home office, the children's rooms, our bedroom, closets and bathrooms, the kitchen and of course the garage. Now we are able to park our car inside the garage. My husband is thrilled because our house is feeling more and more like a real home! As a working mother of two small kids, I felt overwhelmed and weighted down by the constant accumulation of stuff. This made me tired and depressed. Working with Ruth has brought order to our home, and energy and hope to our family."


"Ruth, thank you for coming today. You made an enormous difference and were able to get me so organized and inspired that I have cleared off all surfaces and am feeling totally organized.... Thank you! Thank you!  I will definitely contact you regarding our garage... and will be able to refer you to people I know. You are very easy to work with and I appreciate your insight - thank you again!"


"I am VERY satisfied. Ruth is incredibly efficient and was helpful even beyond my expectations. My sister was threatened with being evicted from her apartment because of her excessive clutter. The most memorable thing for me was how Ruth was able to deal with my sister. I was pretty nervous about how successful she could be given that my sister was diagnosed with hoarding syndrome and is very emotionally attached to her stuff. Ruth, however, was the perfect person for us. She understood the situation and was gentle & caring. Bravo! She kept the efforts focused and was always mindful of the goal. She kept us from going off in tangents. Amazingly enough, we were able to clear the clutter from every single room in the apartment. As a result, my sister passed with flying colors when the landlord came for the announced inspection. [This saved her from being evicted from her apartment.]"


"I've told so many people about my experience with you! I think of you every time I look at my garage. You've helped me develop some good habits. I like your insight regarding the psychological aspects of this process. I think sometimes people feel they have to hit rock bottom before they're ready to work with an organizer."


"Ruth, here is another story for you to post on your website: This is fantastic! We just followed your Feng Shui advice to improve our front door Chi flow [by moving a large plant that was blocking the door]. Ten minutes later somebody walks up to ring our bell and asks about buying the car sitting in our driveway, that we've been trying to sell!  Plus, my husband has wanted to move that plant for a year or more. Stick around, will you?"


"Hi Ruth!  You did a fabulous job - I could not have done it without you. You got a lot of things done. The Photo Room is working out great because [my client] can sort through things and spread everything out.... Just continue what you are doing because you are doing a fabulous job! was perfectly arranged to his liking. ... Thanks again for all your patience and hard work, and mostly all the updates. :-)"

One week later: "[My client] was VERY HAPPY with the way you organized things. ... He really likes the labels and asked how you made them. He said he can tell you think the way he thinks, and to let you know to continue organizing the way you've been doing it. Keep up the great work! Thank you for all your help and the great progress you are making. It really helps to know that you are in charge of this project."


"First, let me thank you for the incredible job you've done getting us cleared away, pulled together and organized! It is such a relief to drive into the garage now. The shelving you put up looks great. And the kitchen cabinets are so much more usable now, with all the organizing tools you brought along. My husband and I both feel like the house "feels" different now. I can certainly think more clearly! Once again, thanks for your thoroughness and great work. We very much appreciate all you've done." 

"Ruth, thanks for your thorough email. All your suggestions sound great and we sure appreciate you taking care of this. Thanks so much for getting our storage unit taken care of so well and in such a timely fashion to allow us to get out of the space by the deadline. We are very grateful for the help you and Richard have given us. You two are the best! Things are beginning to settle down a little so I'll be back in touch about tackling the file sorting for the tax project. My husband and I have the sense that 2007 will be much, much happier and calmer due to all the wonderful ways in which you and Richard have come alongside and helped us in so many ways. I don't know how to keep thanking you both."


"Ruth Mellen did organizing work a number of times in our Rancho Santa Fe home. In the summer of 2004 we were going through a stressful remodeling of our kitchen. Ruth sorted through all the items in the old kitchen and chose what was needed for a temporary kitchen; the rest was stored away neatly. She designed the temporary kitchen facilities outside so that we could survive for four months without a real kitchen. She was also there to fine-tune the temporary system as we continued to use it. At other times, she successfully organized our master bedroom closet and the bedroom & playroom of my twin daughters - including their closets and toys. Ruth even got our overcrowded refrigerators and pantry organized! I would recommend her highly if you are looking for a fast and efficient way to get your home uncluttered and looking beautiful!"


"After one and a half years in our new home where we were downsizing space and belongings, I was getting nowhere with my paperwork, arts and crafts, and photographs. I made great strides under Ruth's guidance and calm manner. I am delighted at how freeing it is to let go of my 'stuff' and have peace of mind at last. Ruth is a delight to work with and understands how difficult it can be to get organized alone. Her fee is reasonable and I consider what I paid the best money I've spent in years. Thanks!"


OK, I'm talking about my wife's business, so I admit to some bias (but I would also claim some objectivity... I do know her pretty well). She found her calling helping the typical harried person to organize his or her home and/or office. You can see this in the accolades from her clients. She can make things right for you. Give her a call and watch your mood lift as chaos begins to turn to order. Ruth is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, and our company has been helping folks in San Diego since 1998."

Richard Mellen,  Challenge Services

"Before the day we worked together, I felt like I did not make any headway in my cluttered room. It was driving my mother crazy, since she likes things to be neat. Anything I tried did not seem to make a dent into it. That one session with you made such a difference, thank you so much. It was helpful to hear what you said about ADD and getting organizing since I am trying to work with my ADD tendencies. In the last two months, I kept working on getting organized: My room looks very different now from when you first saw it. My mother says: "Amen!" and she thanks you, too. I got a new bed with roll-out bins for underneath, I got rid of the broken dresser that we talked about. I got rid of a lot more clothes, and I have been sorting through tons of paperwork. I still have lots more papers to go through, but I am making progress. And we got a new storage shed for the outside. I have been helping my mother to sell her art supplies and books on Craig's List so we have more room now in her shed. Since I am still making progress on my own, and because my financial situation is still tight, I want to wait a little before hiring you again. I know I will get stuck at some point, and it is good to know that I can call you then!"


"Ruth tackled boxes and boxes of disorganized paper associated with my home business and personal files and created order by sorting and filing all the paper. She worked independently as I was only in my office about 1/2 of the time she was. She also assessed how to make use of all of my storage space and made recommendations for improvement. She brought with her some options for making the storage space more effective that were very economical (less than $100). I encouraged her to consolidate and move items in my office cabinets as she saw fit and she did that all independently. Ruth responded within 8 hours to my initial phone call. She was able to start my project within days of the first call. She worked in my home office with me, taking on each box of unsorted paper. She didn't ask any unnecessary questions and was easy to have in my home. She used good judgment on what to do with the papers she found and how to file them. I can now look forward to working in my office!!! Ruth has a soothing personality that is very well suited to the work she does"


"Ruth's service and demeanor from the start were nothing short of astounding and she worked with me to transform my garage into a highly usable area. Tool drawers are labeled, and duplicate tools that were sold more than paid for her reasonable fees. I am a very picky customer and more than a pack rat and Ruth really helped me. Call Her!"

"Ruth, thank you for making this so easy! My garage looks so different, and now I will actually be able to find my tools!"


"Thank you so much for your wonderful service! I could have never gone through all my old files by myself. Now I feel prepared to start my new business, with my professional papers all in order. It seems like your brain works in a different way, to be able to work through big piles of mixed papers just like that!"


xx "I can't tell you how much more relaxed I am since we did all the organizing of my paperwork and my house! I am still fighting with all the mail that comes in every day, but everything is more manageable now."


"I'd like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of Richard and Ruth Mellen. They have been managing my vacation estate in the Covenant in Rancho Santa Fe for a few years now, and I don't know what I'd do without them. Richard and Ruth are 100% reliable, completely trustworthy, and very pleasant folks. [...] Ruth does an excellent job at maintaining the house interior and keeping it organized. The Mellens have made managing my home from 1,000 miles away pretty much carefree. Over the years they have earned my respect and friendship. I doubt I could ever find another property manager as organized and reliable as Team Mellen."


"This is an unsolicited note to thank you for the efforts and results you achieve at my home, making my visits to my Rancho Santa Fe estate relaxed, enjoyable and trouble-free. Your attention to detail, your organization skills, your ability to interface with vendors, etc., and to initiate solutions cost-effectively have impressed me. I truly believe that Challenge Services delivers as much or more service results than a full-time staffer, especially for me as a part-time resident. Thank you for your excellent work!" 


"Ruth, I wanted to give you an update with my progress. It's been amazing! Thank you so much for helping me move in the right direction.  The pool table is completely clear... above and below.   I moved all the wine glasses (getting rid of many) and created our new game/puzzle/craft area which the boys are thrilled with.  (They are even keeping up with the new rules of only one game or puzzle out per boy at a time.) I got rid of 10 large puzzles and much more.

I currently have three completely empty shelves in the bookshelves, and one large empty spot in the buil- in cabinets that we are dedicating to "Costco overflow."  My husband promised he will not put anything under the pool table as long as I keep that spot empty.  I'm about to put away everything in my "fish box", so that won't be sitting by my desk anymore.

There's SO MUCH MORE TO DO, but I feel great about what has been accomplished.  This has exceeded my expectations by far for what I thought could be accomplished in two days.  I think when I get through a few more of the projects that are obvious to me then I'll book another session with you to help organize my desk and craft area.

By the way, the new "to do" book that you suggested has been a huge success!  I even brought it in the car with me today (and back out again) and that really helped me to organize my thoughts and projects." 


"Ruth handles pressure well, is extremely professional in her work ethic, and provides a refreshing and pragmatic approach to all efforts. NI have appreaciated her suggestions to improve the organization and daily operations at the San Diego Tech Center. She is an invaluable asset to any company."


"Ruth Mellen has been instrumental in providing organization and management to the daily functioning of this office. She is able to juggle multiple tasks and has done so in a calm manner with the end result of getting the job done. In organizing my office, Ruth has proved that she is trustworthy and can maintain confidentiality. Her skills, knowledge and experience have contributed greatly to the success of my medical case management business. I highly recommend hiring Ruth and am pleased to serve as a reference for her." 


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